Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Self-discovery is all about experiences and change. Adapting to change is not greatly appreciated by many people. We cannot hide or run away from these things. We must adapt and survive to the greatest extent.
Yeah. The stuff above is not me. I don't move that much & I don't experience great change. I live a boring rural life in a tiny town that you have never heard of (I can completely guarantee - unless you know me). I do want to document all the stuff I experience (Yeah right) in this life... here. Life is a maze. Full of unloving people. If I dwelled on the little things such as that, I would be living a life of misery. I choose not to. I choose to try to live a life of a girl... on the move... if you must say.
How profound of me.
Here's all you need to know about me:
My name is girl. Being anonymous is a great thing about the internet. I have a weird love for Macintosh computers. I need to get a Powerbook. I need to get a life. I live upon the great teachings of Kristen Bell & Veronica Mars. I have a complete obsession with Degrassi: The Next Generation. It's filming in Canada now, so I'm obsessing with normal TV. I live a young high school life in a great high school that I hate. I am going to go to have a great summer. (sarcasm). I am a cool geek. I've never fallen in love. I have dreams. I wish I could go to Europe. I've traveled around Asia. Been to New York earlier this summer. Went shopping. I love shopping. I want to have a country house in Canada with a big grassy green meadow with daisies. I want to run on that meadow. I want to learn how to swim. I think water is kind of scary. I think the opposite sex or any relations with them (and no I am not gay/ lesbian) is kind of odd. I think sex before marriage is gross. I think internet dating and finding love via it is so desperate. I want to believe that there is a God. I am of no religion. I think any movie with cheesy laughs are good. I thought the Princess Bride was fantastic and I love those punch lines. I think badasses are great. I think email is a godsend. I am growing out of AOL Instant Messenger. I don't have an extreme amount of friends. I wish more people listened to what I have to say. I wish for a best friend who I can confide in. I think WiFi is important. I think The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was an incredible movie. I just bought the soundtrack today at Target. I think cargo boy shorts are fantastic. Bikinis are desperate for more fabric to be attached with them. I think Xanga is good. I think LiveJournal is awesomeness. I am extremely random. Penguins are so beautiful. I want to learn about Photography. Black & White photos are great. I love vintage posters. I have some plastered in my room. I think hair is good to keep groomed. Make-up is something I've never worn and I wish I knew how... I watch a lot of people with ugly make-up on and I don't want to be one of them. I can talk a lot about myself. My grandfather sounds hilarious on the phone. I love little things that hang off phones. I have an eclectic music, clothing, & everything taste. I think blondes are not dumb, they're just stereotyped. I think stereotypes are horrible. I think poseurs are hilarious. I hate people who "confront" people over email are stupid. They are wusses with no gut. I think that a girl should be commanding, but not a bitch. I can be a bitch, but at least, I admit it. I am blunt. I think that people are stupid if they don't know about other languages. I am always blunt. I just care. I want people to know honesty. If the world lies, webs form. I think the world will become an ugly place in the future. I think that my patience gets very low. I like to read random books. I like to read girlie books, serious books, autobiographies, and even sci-fi. I have multiple personalities sometimes. I have a close relationship with my mom. I think she's awesome. I hate the fact that I can't watch TV on weekdays. I think life needs a backdrop. I think fear is to be feared of when needed. I think that blogging is important. I think music makes the world go round. I love JoJo. I think she's sweet. I love the Beatles sometimes too. I just find things on the radio sometimes and Borders. My thought for you is not to assume anything. Don't assume you know me, because you don't. Just don't believe everything you hear. Don't be afraid of me either. [=

{ girl. }


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